Kimberley Photographic Workshops – 9 and 10 September 2016

Come join Gerhard Steenkamp at the workshops to be held in Kimberley on the dates stated;

9 September 2016 (Kimberley) – Available light Portrait Workshop. (10 places available)

10 September 2016 (Kimberley) – Post processing Workshop. (10 Places available)

The available light portrait workshop will be consists of theoretical sessions, practical outings and group discussions. Gerhard will take you through a theoretical step by step process, showing and explaining to you, how to choose the ideal camera settings to use in each situation you may be faced with whilst out photographing available light portraits. Gerhard will offer artistic guidelines and insights into some of the tricks of the trade that will enable you to take your personal photography to the next level and capture great images.

With the Post Processing Workshop Gerhard will take you through his personal editing workflow. This will also be a practical workshop where everyone attending will be assisted while editing his/her own images.

Here a short itinerary of each workshop. At the bottom is a form to be completed do you wish to register or need some more info. After you have completed the form we will mail you the necessary register form and info needed.


9 September 2016 – Available light Portrait Workshop.

Cost: R950

Whether you are a veteran or beginner photographer, you will definitely benefit from this workshop where, Gerhard will guide you through the steps to lift your portrait photography to another level.

14:00 – Everyone get together at the Jack Hindon officers club where the workshop will be held. There will be a short theoretical lesson in the camera setup, camera settings and different angles and techniques used in Portraits with available light photography.

14:45 – Practical session with the models provided where you will be assisted to improve your photos immediately.

16:00 – Recap and discussion time where Gerhard will take a look at your mages and give some advice how to improve.

16:30 – Another practical session with the models.

17:30 – If time allow us we will take a look at off camera flash combined with available light to get those magic late afternoon portraits.

18:00 – Recap of the afternoon’s workshop with a question and answer session.


10 September 2016 – Post Processing Workshop

Cost: R950

Gerhard will assist everyone attending with there editing workflow in Photoshop.

If you plan to attend the Available Light workshop on 9 September this post processing workshop is almost compulsory. Taking the photos is just 50% of the work done. This is a very important workshop to take your editing/photos to another level.

8:00 -Everyone get together at 11 Wolseley straat in Hillcrest, Kimberley where the workshop will be held.

8:15 – Gerhard will explain his workflow and immediately everyone will get down to some serious editing on their own images.

10:00 – Brake with some coffee/drinks and snacks.

10:30 – Editing and some more editing.

12:30 – Recap of the mornings activities with a question and answer session.


This workshops includes

  • Services of Photographer Gerhard Steenkamp
  • Photographic tuition and workshop
  • Models and make up artist provided for Studio workshop.

This workshops does not include

  • Drinks (if not stated otherwise)
  • Meals (if not stated otherwise)
  • Telephone Calls
  • Purchases and expenditure of a personal nature
  • Camera equipment

What to pack (bring along)

  • Photographic equipment
  • Tripod
  • Laptop – Photoshop installed (even if its just a demo version) – This is for the Post Processing Workshop only.

Provisional booking

If interested in attending the workshops, please complete the provisional booking page underneath. We will then provide you with the registration form and banking details to confirm the booking.